Bitcoin Community Projects Communicate The Message Of Freedom

Projects like the Declaration of Monetary Independence are examples of how the bitcoin community can bring powerful messages to greater audiences.

Aspirational projects like the Declaration of Monetary Independence are designed to engender strong feelings — that’s part of their power. Much contemporary art was made about the American Independence movement, such as William Blake’s “America, A Prophecy,” and Philip Freneau in both “A Political Litany” and “American Liberty.” Such works help communicate the overall message of the movement to a broader audience, and often do a better job conveying the emotionality of the movement than the base layer argument.

We can see much artistic output coming from the broad Bitcoin community, with a great output of audio and visual works. For me, when I was exposed to early versions of the Declaration of Monetary Independence project, I was moved to write a couple of haiku. Upon hearing that they were looking for more of such work to assist with the project, I decided that this would be my contribution to it.

A few notes about the below. Each haiku is intended to stand on its own, while also being a part of a larger story. One apparent departure from the norm, haiku generally evokes nature. Here, while I do evoke nature, I also include aspects of Bitcoin’s construction (SHA-256), and memes. To my mind, these are part of Bitcoin’s nature, and so in evoking these, I believe these remain true to the spirit of English language haiku.

This is a guest post by Rick Poach And Colin Crossman. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.