Bitcoin and The American Dream with CJ Wilson & Amanda Cavaleri

“Bitcoin’s one of the most American innovations, maybe even since the constitution. It levels the playing fields completely. It’s ruled by rules not rulers… I think it really can be this glue that brings this divided country back together.”
— Amanda Cavaleri

Location: Washington D.C.
Date: Sunday 5th December
Project: Bitcoin Today Coalition
Role: Leadership & Advisory Board

Studies have shown that education improves decision-making ability, that’s not a great surprise. The real breakthrough in the latter part of the 20th century was the identification that educational efforts in adults are best directed at correcting for cognitive bias: our subconscious subjective version of reality that can lead us to making irrational decisions.

This issue is widely apparent in the modern world dominated by disruptive technology seeking to undo long established but ineffective human developed systems. That such systems are controlled by power structures dominated by an older generation makes this issue more acute.

This is perhaps the greatest risk for Bitcoin: blind or willful ignorance leads to irrational decision making at the level of the state. That is where organisations such as the ‘Bitcoin Today Coalition’ come in. It is an interest group representing Bitcoin holders and the wider Bitcoin industry. One of its core aims is to increase Bitcoin literacy within America’s legislative and regulatory bodies. 

In this interview, I talk to 2 leaders of the Bitcoin Today Coalition: CJ Wilson and Amanda Cavaleri. We discuss educating the political class on Bitcoin and how it can make a strong America through strengthening energy grids, revitalizing rural economies, and giving those on the bottom economic rung equal access to a financial system.

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