[ANALYSIS] How good can your passive income on CRO get?

Before you downvote this post because it is a post unrelated to your investments… take the time to do the following assessment for yourself.

Since using/testing all crypto.com products, I acquired a lot of knowledge about their products. I want to share the most important knowledge to you in a stats-based manner.

I made a passive income calculator for the 2 highest yielding products of crypto.com (CDC); the CDC VISA card and CDC Defi-Wallet staking. You can find the calculator in this spreadsheet.

Hypothetical situation of the Ruby Steel VISA card

The usage of this calculator is pretty straight-forward. Since it’s in read-only mode, first download/copy this version locally. Then fill in the blanks for your desired or current situation. It will calculate the annual rate (APR) on your CRO holdings.

Stats speak louder than words. Not financial advice, only providing information. 🙂

EDIT: Since some of you are asking if this is some paid ad… no it isn’t. I don’t get paid for this unfortunately 😉

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