All it takes is getting in on one gem to completely change your life… Why is this so much easier said than done?

Most people are unaware of how profitable it is to locate gem coins online. Fortunately, with the support of my seasoned trading pals, I was swiftly pushed on to realize the potential of this form of trading and searching when I began making 50x on my first deals in 2020.It’s critical to capture a good coin early, as long as it’s a good coin that has been well analyzed.

Scams and rug pulls are the most common risks in this form of trade. As was the situation with the SQUID token following the Netflix release of the Squid game series. They took advantage of the buzz to make some money and pull the rug out from under the ones at the top.If you’ve been trading for a while, you should find this to be a simple read.

The first stage is to examine the team and ensure that they are well-equipped and experienced. You should also consider the investors and funders who will provide the project with cash.One thing to consider is their marketing performance; good new ventures will frequently recognize the value of marketing and invest heavily in their marketing efforts. Bad ventures will frequently go beyond in their marketing and pull the rug out from under them as soon as they reach a tremendous peak and begin to decline.

Read their plan and research their philosophy and long-term objectives to determine whether a coin is a good one or a shitcoin. This is the method I try to use when I’m looking for new opportunities and tokens in the market, like as when I first discovered LRC and IMX way before the gamestop hype or when I’m looking at Apollo Inu right now.

The latter appears to be successful, as it enters the lucrative industry of entertainment and content creation and essentially creator tokens. It’s all really strong, where A portion of every purchase, sale, and trade of Apollo goes to a “Creator Prize Fund” controlled by the Apollo community through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or “DAO”. Every week, anyone who owns Apollo votes for a winning creator who receives the funds they need and spreads the word about Apollo to other deserving creatives, helping to grow the Apollo community of creators, investors, and supporters

Anyone else want to share some ideas about new projects that people will dismiss as rug pull? I’d love to hear.

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