Aladdin Reaches Another Milestone with Aladdin Chain (ADC) Launch

Aladdin Exchange, a rising Dubai-based crypto exchange platform, has officially listed aladdin’s native coin Aladdin Chain (ADC). Following its successful integration of the Inheritance Feature, the launch of ADC will further enhance its business and implement its vision.

What does Aladdin Chain (ADC) offer?

ADC has a total supply of 21,000,000,000 and boasts exceptional speed with a TPS of 300,000; as well as high-end security with Single Sign On (SSO) and Single Transfer On (STO) functions.

As a listed coin, ADC is paired with USDT, BTC, and ETH. It currently has a listing price of 0.01 USDT. Furthermore, the minimum deposit/withdrawal amount is 100 ADC with a withdrawal fee of 50 ADC.

Meanwhile, it is also the official trading pair for the following listed coins: ABBC, BCH, BTC, CEL, CHZ CMOP, CRO, ENJ, ETH, FTT HMR, HOT, LINK, LTC, MANA MATIC, MKR, PLF, SNX, SUSHI TEL, TNC, UNI, YFI.

ADC is built on the Aladdin Chain Network. In detail, the Aladdin Chain Network is an open-source blockchain platform used by companies who want to dive into the blockchain industry. It solves a majority of the existing mainnet problems such as scalability and security.

In addition, the Aladdin Chain mainnet is an API that is optimized for an extensive range of services and application development. With its scalable qualities, the platform grows simultaneously with its projects.

The Future of Aladdin Exchange

The launch of the Aladdin Chain coin will be yet another milestone for Aladdin Exchange. It utilizes Aladdin Chain’s flagship Dual Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DDPoS) consensus algorithm. This provides a significant breakthrough for the crypto exchange platform.

Moreover, Aladdin Exchange can now profit from listed mining and ADC coin-holding mining in order to boost the mainnet’s coin value. ADC will grow alongside its users by utilizing various mainnet services.

An Aladdin Exchange representative promises that its users have things to look forward to as the platform expands. ADC is only the beginning.

“Our Aladdin Exchange users surely have something to look forward to, as we continue expanding our platform. With our upcoming launch of the ADC on the Aladdin Chain mainnet, we guarantee that this is only the beginning of new events everyone should watch out for,” said previously by an Aladdin Exchange representative prior to the coin’s launch.


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